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              Sailstar's After-Sales Service Closed-Loop Management
              The information flow of the service events shall be perfect.
              • 1ONE
                Client dials 800-820-8665 toll-free service hotline to request the After-Sales Service Management Center to provide service support.
              • 2TWO
                The Service Management Center feeds the client request back to 800 Information Management Group.
              • 3THERE
                800 Information Management Group will send service personnel to go to site to diagnose the faults and overcome the faults on site. The Site Work Group will feed the information back to the Service Management Center for keeping in archives.
              • 4FOUR
                800 Information Management Group will carry out return visit for the equipment use status of the client and to get to know the satisfaction of the client on the site return visit of the service personnel.

              If any other question or suggestion on the after-sales service, please dial 800-820-8665 toll-free service hotline to consult the After-Sales Service Management Center.

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