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              Sailstar’s3Service Modules
              Sailstar upholds the service philosophy of high quality and high speed to provide the clients with perfect pre-sales, during-sales and after-sales service system.
              Pre-Sales Support
              • 1. Cooperating clients and the design institutes employed by clients to provide laundry equipment and solution consulting service
                A dedicated team of Sailstar will answer the questions on laundry building for the clients and the design institutes and provide professional technical solutions, operation solutions and cost control solutions, etc.
              • 2. Providing laundry system design scheme and various associated drawings
                ?Based on the actual conditions of the laundry of the client , design and plan the most efficient and energy-saving associated solution for the client.
              After-Sales Support
              • 1.Professional technicians carry out commissioning on site
                When equipment is installed, Sailstar will send professional technicians to site to provide assistance. After equipment is lifted and installed into place, they will help the client to commission and inspect the equipment.
              • 2.Providing induction training for the equipment management personnel and operators
                ?After completion of the equipment commissioning, Sailstar will provide systematic training for the laundry operators to ensure that the operators will understand the running and operation of the equipment.
              • 3.Formulating preventive maintenance plan, and carrying out return visit for the equipment use status of the user as scheduled
                Sailstar will formulate detailed maintenance plan for each piece of equipment of the client and keep it in archives and will carry out return visit regularly to the client to get to know the equipment use status.
              • 4.As of the date when the equipment commissioning passed the acceptance inspection, the equipment will be provided with a warranty of 12 months free of charge (excluding the worn parts).
                ?Within the warranty period, if any problem, you can directly contact relevant after-sales service personnel or dial Sailstar’s toll-free service consulting hotline: 800-820-8665.
              Service Center
              • 1.Having CRP individualized client service system, effectively carrying out project follow-up for each client
                CRM system will record the equipment use status of the client in time and carry out after-sales follow-up services.
              • 2.The first 800 toll-free service hotline in the laundry industry
                Professional personnel will answer your questions at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.
              • 3.Having direct selling network and distribution network extending all over the world
                Sailstar has agents all over the world to provide each client with professional, efficient washing solutions.
              • 4.Clients can carry out direct interaction with Sailstar via journals, micro-blog, email, etc.
                In addition to understanding Sailstar via toll-free service hotline, client also can pay close attention to and interactively understand the latest news of Sailstar from time to time.
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