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              Product Maintenance and Common Faults Remedying Instructions
              GPW-T Series Fully-Automatic Washer-Extractor: the linen loading door leaks.
              1. The door is not adjusted to the suitable position.
              2. Air leaks from the door sealing ring.
              3. The mechanical control valve of the door sealing fails.
              4.The air pressure of the door sealing ring is insufficient.

              1.Firmly fix the door after suitably adjusted.
              2. Check and replace the door sealing ring.
              3. Check and replace the mechanical control valve.
              4.Adjust the door compressed air relief valve to make the maximum air pressure reach 2kgf/mm2.
              CED Series Quick Dryer: it can work but not heat.
              1. The power supply of the solenoid valve is not switched on.
              2.The temperature controller fails.

              1. Switch on the power supply.
              2. Replace the temperature controller.
              3. Check if the air duct is unimpeded and if the air inlet of the heat exchanger, the lint collector and the fan impeller are blocked and if air damper of the air duct is opened.
              CEC8 Series Chest Ironer: warning indicates E71 (frequency inverter communication fault), but the frequency inverter is live.
              1. Check if JP7 plug-in unit of the communication wires is loosed.
              2. Check if the parameters are set correctly.

              1. Secure Jp7 plug-in unit of the communication wires.
              2. Set parameters in accordance with P13 frequency inverter type in the parameter table.
              CEF Series Fully-Automatic Folding Machine: the machine does not work and the operating panel displays "111" warning.
              1. The motor is overloaded.

              1. Check if any air-break switch of Q20, Q40 and Q50 is broken, then resit the air-break switch, the warning will disappear.
              2. Check if any fault display for the frequency inverter, and overcome the fault and then reset the frequency inverter, the warning will disappear.
              CEP Series Fully-Closed Dry Cleaner: the machine stops and sends a warning signal (message will be displayed on the computer controller )at the beginning of the high spin.
              1. There are too many foreign objects in the button catcher, this impacts on the discharge of the solvent.
              2. The drain valve of the button catcher or inlet valve is not opened.

              1. Open the door of the button catcher and take out and clean the screen of catcher and re-install the screen into its original place and close the door of the button catcher.
              2. Before checking if the solenoid valve and the pneumatic valve of the machine function normally, please firstly check if the compressed air is normal.
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