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              Sailstar's "Four-Paradise Building"
              The culture is the soul of an enterprise, and the building of the cultural connotation relates to the overall image of an enterprise, and further relates to the development direction and spirit of an enterprise.
              —— About Culture
              You may be interested in the following contents:
              Sailstar advocates homestead culture, respects and pays more attention to the employees and at the same time always focuses on the happiness index of each employee, to make the employees actually feel that this is not only an enterprise but also a warm big family. Here, you can always buy fresh and economical vegetables, fruits and semi-finished products carefully cooked by the canteen; On the festivals and during the hot summer days, the labor union will dispense festival gifts and organize the employees to go sightseeing every year; when any employee gets married or has a baby, the company will give him or her a cash gift; when the child of any employee takes part in college entrance examination, the company will give one-time further education allowance to the child of the on-duty employee; if any sickness or injury, the company not only establishes labor union welfare card but also builds medical facilities, etc.; when some employees' families come up against difficulties, the Love Mutual Aid Association of the company will proactively help to overcome the difficulties. Sailstar cares each on-duty employee and much more cares the old employees who struggled for Sailstar all their lives and retired with glories, the company invites them to come back to their ""Mother Home"" to have a seat, to have a walk and to have a look, so as to understand the development and change of the company.

              Upholding the principle of doing practical things and good things for employees, while continuously providing the employees with various life welfares, the company enriches the culture life of the employees by means of assorted methods, annual Sailstar employee games, literary and artistic evening performance, the garden party on lantern festival, the gourmet festival in May,rice dumpling competition in June, fishing club, photography competition,culture salon activities in each even month, year-end ""Excellent Employee"" selection, etc., all such activities make employees stroll in the sea of joy and feel the atmosphere of love .
              Sailstar is devoted to creating study type enterprise, and its subsidiary - ""Xuhang Laundry Technology Academy""provides the clients and employees with all-round training services. In 2014, Laundry Business Committee of China General Chamber Of Commerce authorized Xuhang Academy as its exclusive training center in Shanghai (Laundry Equipment Enterprise).

              For the external trainees, Xuhang Academy meticulously designed and researched and developed the courses such as Laundry Equipment Repairer (Intermediate), Hotel Laundry (Laundry Factory) Operation and Management, Laundry Technology Instructions, and Fostering Laundry and Dyeing Industry Managers, etc., and promote such courses to the clients every month, and at present such courses have been gained unanimous high praise and affirmation of the trainees.
              For the internal trainees, Xuhang Academy opens up approximate 40 courses each year for the employees to select and study and establishes various characterized classes such as Xuhang MINIMBA class, medium level management personnel special training class, young employee quality upgrading class, front-line foreman comprehensive capacity upgrading class, etc. For the teaching modes, Xuhang Academy uses online and offline bi-directional teaching mode, and formally launched E-LEARNING online teaching system in this year, not only establishing a convenient study portal for employees who worked outside of Shanghai, but also making the clients, agents and partners of Sailstar be benefited from this online system.
              Sailstar makes efforts to create harmonious, warm and positive enterprise atmosphere for the employees. Entering the park of the HQ of Sailstar, you will see the orchard meticulously planted by Sailstar people, in the spring, the flowers of the pears bloom layer by layer,in which flowers of the peaches are blooming, creating a very beautiful scenery; and in the autumn, the orchard is full of fruits such as pears, persimmons,Chinese honey oranges, which you can taste; each road and each turn in the factory park is planted with high and verdant fir trees and camphor trees,making the factory park green, cool and comfortable;one Sailstar employee wall laid by red brick is located in one corner of the factory road, each brick represents one Sailstar employee,the employees are like the bricks and rebars to build firm and stable Sailstar foundation in the continuous legacy and development;the admin building of Sailstar is full of European style, the details are built exquisitely, and the admin building is a landmark building of Shanghai Industrial Development Zone; entering the admin hall,you will see the smile wall consisting of smile faces; this makes you feel the popularity of the company; the hand print wall of excellent employees in the corridor agglomerates vitality; at the rear of the admin building, above the lotus pond, which is full of ripples caused by fishes and breeze, one zigzag bridge and one ""Four-Paradise Trestle Bridge"" were built; passing through the ""Four-Paradise Trestle Bridge"" you will arrive at the front of the new scenery of Sailstar- ""Fishing Platform"",and behind your body there is a large landscape painting background, and on the afternoon, you can have a fishing on the riverbank; lingering beside the art gallery full of the works of employees and their family members, you can deeply feel the heavy scent of the arts.

              Sailstar has ten scenes, and each of them vividly embodies the life atmosphere of the company; representing the culture of Sailstar; and containing the connotation of "being perfect in every respect".
              Establishing closer cooperation relationship with the suppliers of Sailstar, and building the conception of "Great Sailstar".Sailstar Industrial Park consists of Sailstar factory area and Sailstar's affiliated factory, and the Park serves for building an all-round international intellectually-made company from the metal cutting and processing , machinery manufacture to production of finished products, and for building perfect international strategic leading company.
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