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              Elite Team with Strong Leadership
              Sailstar upholds the spirits of innovation, professionalization, teamwork and loyalty, continuously challenge itself to seek for sustainable development of the company.
              Enterprise’s Core Value
              You may be interested in the following contents:
              • John Xue
                Master of Business Administration; President of International Dry Cleaners (China); Vice President of China Commercial Union Laundry & Dyeing Association; with over 10 years of expertise in industrial laundry, well versed with management of business operations.
              • Mingjun Yang
                Vice President
                Mr.Yang acts as VP of Sailstar, with technical title of senior engineer, senior technical instructor; he has 15 years of abundant experience in laundry equipment R&D and technical management. He has carried out professional laundry design and related technical training for approximate 100 units such as various hotels, social laundries, hospitals, guesthouses, etc. At present, he acts as professional laundry design consultant for Kempinski Hotel and Hilton Hotel.
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