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              Shanghai Sailstar Machinery Group Co.,Ltd was founded in 1986, and up to now it has become the second-to-none industrial laundry equipment manufacturer in China. The company is located in the Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone, Shanghai, covering a land area of 180, 000 square meters, and now the company has 420 employees,? and the Group’s registered capital is US$ 27.89M, and the Group has the first-class R&D and manufacturing strength.

              Sailstar is always devoted to providing the clients all over the world with a full range of international-standard-equivalent and reliable washing, dry cleaning, drying, ironing and folding products and timely high-quality services and integrated solutions with the competitive prices.The yearly great investment of Sailstar in product R&D , service upgrading, employee training, marketing channel building ensures that each client of Sailstar enjoys maximum value by spending minimum cost and thus enabling Sailstar to take a leading position in the industrial laundry equipment industry in China.

              The enterprise vision of the Sailstar is to pursue all-round excellent performance, and to become an international leading enterprise in the worldwide laundry industry. After 28 years of hard work and painstaking operation, Sailstar Group has become an industrial laundry equipment specialist in China or even in the world. At present, Sailstar has established more than 60 offices and sales agencies in China and more than 30 sales agencies in other countries, having complete worldwide sales and service network. The products of Sailstar are spread in 54 industries in China such as various star hotels, restaurants, hospitals, railway, universities and colleges, communities and social laundry and dyeing industry, etc.

              Accompanying with continuous expansion of Sailstar’s business, we look forward to cooperation with vast numbers of friends. We hope you will join the big family of Sailstar!

              If you want to consult more about commercial cooperation, please send email to marketing@sailstar.com.cn.

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